developments in (audio) devices and software
Development Services

Besides developing our own audio products, we offer development services and free consulting for high-speed embedded real-time hardware, firmware and software.

Audiodevel's own brainchildren run through a carefully planned development and testing phase. It may be boring, but we do emphasize on quality.

And we will treat your product ideas exactly the same way.
How we work

We use a strict and transparent requirement management to be able to identify your product needs accurately and in all details, so that we can offer a fixed price for a well defined project. Once you accept our offer, no hidden or additional costs will be charged for your project.
If not wished for otherwise, all agreements are made under German law and jurisdiction.

What we develop

High-speed embedded systems based on ARM, Intel and TI DSPs
Firmware for above products, based on Bare Metal, FreeRTOS or Linux.
Product related software for Windows, macOS and Linux
Low noise mixed signal electronics and PCB layout (e.g. for professional audio)
IoT hard- and firmware, including virtually all types of sensors
For more detailed information, please get in contact.

What we can do more

If wanted, we can arrange small series productions. If you need big numbers, we can help you in the industrialisation process until production is up and running.

In our second residence, Portugal, we are in contact with a buzzing network of qualified and trusted Portuguese engineers. In case your project is in need of Industrial Design, Robotics or Mechanical Engineering as well, please tell us, we might be able to help.
Our Own Product Developments
Our own product developments we currently have put in stealth mode. If you have a professional interest in our own products, please get in contact with Michael.
About Us

We are registered in Hamburg, Germany. Following Hamburg's old cosmopolitan habits, we embrace working all over the globe. And consequently, we already have a second address - in Lisbon, Portugal.

We focus on what we like best - try to invent new and exciting stuff, novelties in electronics and software - for ourselves as for our clients.

So, interested in one of our product developments?
Or need R&D for your own ideas?
Please get in
touch .

More about us can be found in our blog .
Who has seen our appearance in Shark Tank Portugal last year knows that none of these sharks jumped in our little boat. And so we didn't get bitten.

Instead we sailed all the way to Hamburg, Germany, where we were invited to join the accelerator program
MusicWorX which gave us time and money to make our VC1 even better - and plenty of opportunity to pull some real big fish on board.

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Shark Tank Portugal
Hamburg is quite a town - especially when you are one of the selected participants for the MusicWorX accelerator program.

Together with the geeks from
NoysVR and Flits we had the great pleasure of 3 month being mentored by a variety of experts, working in a luxury office in downtown Hamburg, 5 minutes walk from the harbour.

We learned a lot, had a very good time, made interesting experiences and even more interesting aquaintances and had numerous encounters with industry professionals of all sorts.
At the end, audiodevel even won a lucrative media award from the German music magazine
MusikWoche . Can you ask for more?!

Michael Kraft

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